If you are a business person or working somewhere, you must know the difference between professional and unprofessional behavior. You must draw a line between these two behaviors otherwise you will be regarded as rude and for worst cases; you might lose a deal or lose your job.

Speaking of professionalism and unprofessionalism, you must know that there are certain email phrases that should be completely avoided while you are having a conversation regarding business or with your superior.

Here is the list of such 10 phrases that should be avoided.

1. Starting with ‘I’m feeling…’

If you are talking to your superior or to a person that concerns your business purpose, you must avoid this very phrase ‘I’m feeling’. It sounds highly unprofessional, as you are there to talk about any issue and that should be far from any of your emotional state.

2. Avoid, ‘just a heads up, I’m calling in sick tomorrow’

You can be sick at any time but this very phrase should be avoided. It will sound all dishonest. So you must be all general and avoid phrases like this when you are about to send an email for sick leave.

3. The phrase, ‘I don’t know’.

Try to avoid this phrase, because it oozes negativity from the start. You have to be all professional and reply with that you will certainly get back to the person about the pressing matter.

4. Avoid Using ‘Hey’

If you are addressing someone with this in an email, you should check before you hit send. ‘Hey’ is too casual and will sound all unprofessional, and it might affect your well-earned reputation in the workplace.

5. Using, ‘I’m the *designation title* ’

Mentioning your designation in this way should be avoided at all cost. Whether you are the superior or junior this way you are showing authority and it will seem rude and unprofessional all the same.

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6. Saying, ‘this place really gets me down sometimes’

You must avoid stating anything bad or good about your workplace via email. Even if you are talking to your friend, this kind of terms should be avoided. You should be more careful before you write this kind of things.

7. Using, ‘That’s fine’

Using the word, ‘fine’ can mean so many things. So you should avoid using this word. You can always use, ‘That is or was good effort’. This will loom proper and professional and it will always save you from saying ‘fine’ over email.

8. Overuse of, ‘apologies for the delay’

Try to use this phrase as less as possible. You can be late but if you use this phrase every time you are late, may sound unprofessional. So you must avoid the overusing it.

9. Use of ‘I’m exhausted’

Using this very phrase in email is unprofessional. You should avoid using this word even to your friend an email. It means you are unable to manage your work life properly, and that’s why you have conveyed things as such.

10. Avoid, ‘as per my last email’

Avoid using phrases like this and become more direct. You can always ask for the thing you need again and avoid this very phrase. Using this very phrase might make you sound all rude and not following any professionalism.

Get your all professional side in your workplace. Try to avoid some rude and unprofessional looking phrases in emails. It will help to enhance your reputation all the way.

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