As the 2020 US Presential Electionscome closer, political leaders includingthe former US Presidents have committed their vote between Donald John Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. Here’swhat we hear from the former US Presidents:

Jimmy Carteris endorsing Biden, citing that Biden hasexperience, character, and the will to bring people together and restore America’s greatness.

Bill Clintonhas referred to these elections as a job interview where the difference between both candidates is stark. In his opinion,Trump will use the second term to ‘blame, bully, and belittle’, while Biden will be the ‘go-to-work’ guy who will build back what we have lost.

George W. Bushhasn’tspoken about his vote,but people who know him presume that alike 2016, he won’t support Trump, even being the former Republican President himself.

Barack Obamahas worked with Biden for over 35 years and declared that Biden can lead the country ‘out of dark times’. He recently expressed concern about balloting by mail, stating that it may lead to rigging.

In less than three monthsUS will go to polls on and Trump and his opponent Democrat Biden will each need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.While somepolls indicate a win for Biden, some betting odds suggest that Trump is regaining popularity.

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