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Chin up fans, IPL Is finally here!


Sports scene is buzzing again! Sports enthusiasts across the world had reasons to rejoice with the PGA Championship for Golf and UEFA Champions League for Football and US Open for Tennis back in the ground. For cricket fans in India, the countdown for IPL has begun. The 53-day cricketing extravaganza will be hosted in United Arab Emiratesthis year.

Marred by a couple of initial hassles, including loss of revenue from ticket sales, wrestling to get sponsors after Vivo and Future Group pulled out, and of course planning the event to ensurethat the show goes on and the virus is kept at bay.

Despitealltheroadblocks, IPL 2020will be interesting in more ways than one. From MS Dhoni’s first appearance after announcing his retirement from International cricket to the hopes pinned on Virat Kohli’sfor breaking the jinx and winning his maiden IPL trophy, the gamewill be a test of the players’ stamina, given most of them have not played professional cricket for months.

Glitz and glamour, adrenaline rush and the echo of “EnEr Mundo – Pepe El Trompeta”, which has probably been made more popular by IPL cricket, will bring excitement back to the game. You bet!

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10 business ventures of Virat Kohli

Image Credit: By Dun.can from Leicestershire, UK – Virat Kohli, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia

Virat Kohli, an Indian Cricketer, is also the captain of the Indian Cricket team. He is the only Indian to rank as the highest-paid athlete in the world on the Forbes list. Besides drawing a hefty paycheck from BCCI and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat is a good businessman too. 

He is the first Indian to sign an eight-year INR 110 crore contract with German sportswear giant Puma. He is also the brand ambassador of several brands. But this is just one side of his collaboration with brands. Over the years, he has also partnered with many brands from the perspective of investments.

Virat Kohli has invested his funds in many business ventures. Here is the list of 10 businesses owned by him:

Chisel India

Virat Kohli is a fitness freak and a real inspiration to many youths. Hence, he launched a fitness chain named Chisel in 2015. Initially, he invested Rs. 90 crores in it.

The fitness start-up has also commenced technology-enabled workout routines to target young information technology people. It is a part of his marketing strategy to spread its network of fitness centres worldwide. The Bengaluru-based start-up is also planning to introduce gamified fitness routines.


Wrogn, a fashion wear brand, is co-owned by Virat Kohli and Universal Sportsbiz. It is well known for its excellent marketing and advertisement strategies which had attracted youth towards it. The brand has collaborated with Myntra, Flipkart, and Shoppers Stop for its marketing and sales.

Wrogn primarily sells band collar shirts, graphic shirts, lightweight denim jackets, and accessories with a stunning range of ideas. The Bengaluru-based company has both online and offline stores. The youth fashion platform is also planning to roll out its own fitness devices.

Sport Convo

This London-based social networking start-up is a joint venture between Virat Kohli, entrepreneur Vishal Patel, and footballer and Real Madrid superstar, Gareth Bale. Moreover, various Indian cricketers like Hardik Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma have been seen endorsing the brand.

On Sports Convo, sport fans can connect and discuss their favorite sports and players.

FC Goa and Bengaluru Yodhas

Apart from cricket, Kohli loves to play football. Therefore in 2014, he invested in the Indian Super League football club FC Goa. The main motive behind his investment in this club is to promote football’s progressive growth in India. Presently, his stake is around 25% in the team. Moreover, he also owns a wrestling team in Bengaluru Yodhas.

UAE Royals

The Indian captain, Virat Kohli, owns the franchise UAE Royals along with Neelesh Bhatnagar and Sachin Gadoya. The franchise used the services of Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

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Stepathlon Kids

Virat Kohli is the epitome of fitness. To promote the importance of fitness across the country, he had invested in Stepathlon Kids. This brand is an online community that motivates kids between the ages of 8 and 12 to eat healthy food and exercise. His venture also tackles the fitness problems of kids by arranging a 30-day pedometer-based virtual race for them.

Kohli owns Stepathlon Kids along with Ravi Krishnan and Bunty Sajdeh.


In January 2017, Virat Kohli also invested in Hong Kong-based company, Zeeva as they introduced Muveacoustics.  It is audio equipment manufacturing company for the youth of India. The right-handed batsman Virat Kohli is often seen promoting his brand on social media platforms.


Virat Kohli made a strong move in May 2018 by moving into the competitive hospitality industry. He opened a South-American restaurant, Nueva, in New Delhi. It has an exquisite ambiance and has few stand-out elements like a spiral staircase, modern bar, and lounge.

He has been seen with his wife, Anushka Sharma, and their friends several times in this restaurant.


Digit is a Bengaluru-based insurance start-up, initially started by Kamesh Goyal and later backed by Canada billionaire Prem Watsa. Within two years of its business operations, it catered to a customer base of five million. Virat Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma, were so attracted by their idea that collectively they decided to invest Rs 2.5 crore in their start-up. The couple owns a 0.25% share in the company.

One8 x Puma

Virat Kohli, has launched his sports apparel brand One8 in partnership with German sports lifestyle brand Puma. Puma helped the brand pave its way in the market in terms of design, product, retail, and communication channel. Presently, One8 is only associated with athleisure apparel, footwear, accessories, and performance apparel that will be launched in the upcoming season. Kohli’s One8 brand is available on Myntra and all Puma stores across the country.

The Indian captain, Virat, hits the right chords when it comes to playing cricket, and there is no doubt that he is one of the best batsmen in the world right now. Apart from earning all the recognition from cricket, he has perfectly planned his retirement plans. The responsible young captain has made his investments in many business ventures off the field, which speak volumes about his maturity.

Will Laporta be able to hold back Messi?


What was the first thing Laporta did after he was sworn in as the Barcelona president?

 Joan Laporta made a public plea to Messi in his opening speech, urging the football master to stay. “You know the affection I hold for you and we will do whatever it takes to keep you here. You know you cannot leave, Leo”, he said.

Laporta, who presided over one of Barca’s most memorable periods between 2003 and 2010, turned his attention to convincing his star player to reconsider transfer, rapidly after winning the club’s presidential election. With Messi’s contract expiring in summer, Laporta has not much time to persuade the Argentinian winger to recommit to Barca.

Joan Laporta and Messi are known to share a great relationship; the former’s return to the club could influence the attacker’s decision to leave the club. As Messi has been celebrating the new captain’s successful campaign, football fans are contemplating that he may stay back.

The 58-year-old lawyer also has other challenges to address. Barcelona’s debt, rebuilding the team, renovating the Camp Nou are just few of them. People are looking at him to bring the team out from an era of mismanagement and chaos, knowing that he has a history of resurrecting the team, just as he did in 2003. Let’s see if his lucky charm works this time around and helps his to salvage the club and retain the golden horse. Only time will tell.

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The key to playing golf shots in the wind


Managing the ball flight is important to good irons play. Each day introduces us to the new shot that is necessary. The secret to playing golf in any weather condition and have more shots as our weapon lies in our ability to control the golf ball trajectory.

The wind is the most prominent weather condition when playing golf. According to a quote by Davis Love Jr “When its breezy, hit it easy”. If we want to play skilfully in the wind, we need to be master in hitting the ball comparatively low.

The technique of hitting a low ball is sometimes known as a punch shot. The low moving ball cuts through the wind and roll continuously, and this might look like a hard shot to accomplish, but all this requires is a couple changes to a golfer’s normal stance and swing.

The significant key to enhance the golf game is the ability to control the direction of the ball flight. This is initiated by having the capability to make shots that are effective in all playing conditions. Many golf players face trouble while hitting the ballin windyconditions.

Here are some ways to enhance our drive into the wind:

Swing softer

Many amateur golf players concentrate on hit the ball, imagining the harder you smash, the farther it goes, but in many circumstances, this is wrong, especially for windy days.

When we hit too hard, more spin is put on the ball and, there are more chances that it will rise rather than cut through. If we swing softer, maybe even hitting down and choking up, we will be much satisfied with the result by putting more distance and less spin on the driver.

Middle to back of your stance

If we want our ball to go relatively low, we need to place a little farther stance. This technique is considered one of the easiest to swing the ball through the wind. This is because the farther we pose back, the more speedily we will hit the ball in our swing. This will let the ball go straight and not up higher. The weather condition, especially windy days, is a key factor that helps to determine where we need to put the ball in our stance.

Don’t stand too close.

On windy days or calm ones, we should never stand too close to the ball. We also do not need to put our stance too far as that can cause irregularity in our swing. For each person, the gap between them and their golf ball is different.

Keep your hands ahead of the clubhead

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We should always keep our hands in front of the club head to increase the possibility of striking a successful punch shot or low drive. When an impact is made ahead of the golf club head by the club, it actually allows hitting the club to shoot straight out despite rising in the air.

Moreover, we should try to keep some of our weight forward as it will help to keep our hands ahead of the ball. If our hands are ahead of the golf club head, then we will notice less loft on it and a good lower shot.

Shorten your backswing, not your finish

If we want to drive lower, we should shorten the backswing because full swings make it tougher to keep the golf-ball lower to the ground. A shorter backswing changes the action of our hand, which prevents the ball from hitting down.

When we hit down on the ball, it hits the ball higher than it would have if we swung through the ball. Also, shortening the backswing does not mean finishing short. Every golf player wants to finish 100% of their swing.

Tee it lower

Sometimes it can be as easy as teeing the ball lower, but this is not the permanent solution. If we want to hit the ball through the wind, we should practice harder so that we can make correct adjustments relating to our stance and swing.  We should train ourselves to hit the perfect stroke not only on windy days but also in other harsh weather conditions.

There is more possibility of our ball to be caught in the wind if it is in the air for a longer duration. The goal player should aim to hit the ball straight out, making it cut through the wind, without leaving the ball swinging in the air. Playing golf on windy days affects a certain shot. Hence, before heading out, we need to do a lot of research and practice.

While playing, most golf players swing harder in the direction of the wind, intending to force the ball through the resistance. But this may result into an absolutely an undesired effect. Depending on the wind strength, take an extra golf club and grip down to a small inch and, then you will be able to make a smooth swing.

Remember to make backswing relatively shorter than usual. This will make the ball fly lower with less spin, eventually reducing the wind’s effect. The key to playing well in the wind is to swing at less than full power.