In today’s time, Human Resource is one of the most overwhelmed departments in any company. The team handling the hiring process is under constant pressure to hire the best talent. Though each company takes a lot of measures to hire the best people for the job without any bias but with humans involved at every step, the chances of conscious or unconscious bias are very high.

In the past few years with the advancement of technology in different fields and development of high-end artificial intelligence has given hope to the companies that they can make the hiring process little simpler and much more effective than the current system.

Including AI in the selection process can help in removing bias at the root level.

In the past few years, the number of lawsuits challenging the bias in the hiring process in many big companies has increased the administration’s headache. Such possibilities of the selection process being impartial can be removed or at least reduced with the help of AI.

Strong foundation means better results
There is an old saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out” and it works perfectly in the hiring process as well. It is important to have people or the AI working on the hiring process to be completely neutral. There are companies which are working extensively on developing AI based on thousands of data points which can determine which person will be the best for the job.

Such an in-depth checklist is not possible when the resumes are checked by the humans. The main aim is to teach AI to select the person based on the skills and not on the gender, age, ethnicity and other factors like these.

The AI-based ad posting
When we create an advertisement, we often unconsciously put up points which may make a certain group of people unwelcomed. With the help of AI, such scenarios can be avoided. By feeding the right information to AI and letting it learn about the company and its requirements, we can enable AI to create an unbiased advertisement for the job.

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Resume screening
A lot of companies are looking forward to using AI in their hiring process. Big names like Amazon have tried it but they failed. The main reason behind their failure was the group of people who were feeding the information in the AI.

The system started to consider male employees more over the female employees and Amazon had to drop the idea for a while. The best solution to get above this issue is by eliminating the data points like sex, age and ethnicity completely from the search.

Big companies get thousands of resumes for every job posting. By teaching AI to select the best candidates without those data points that can create bias, the selection process can become completely unbiased to anyone.

Chatbots and initial testing of the candidate
AI can interview shortlisted candidates and can further select the top candidates based on their answers. As this will be a program which can handle multiple candidates at a single point of time, the process can become faster and smoother.

The overall benefits of AI in the selection process are a lot more than the problems faced by such systems in current time. With stronger foundation and right information along with multiple data points can help in avoiding bias in the selection process.

There is a fear that artificial intelligence or AI will take over several job functions but, AI is going to help people in doing their job in a better way- one of them being, a neutral and balanced hiring process.

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