Level of Incompetence

About The Author Michael Bergdahl is a professional international business speaker, author and turnaround specialist. Bergdahl worked for Walmart, as the Director of “People” for the headquarters office, where he worked directly with Walmart's founder Sam Walton.

Interestingly, the biggest obstacle each of us faces to becoming the best we can be may actually be our own inflated self-image.

Throughout the world people think they are better than they actually are, and more often than not, their self-image does not always portray reality. What we think is outstanding is really quite average.

What we think is average may be borderline acceptable. This deluded way of thinking creates a levelling effect, and if you are not careful, you will become part of a large herd of quite average people, who share the same inflated views of their average abilities. This isn’t just my opinion. There are studies that have verified this phenomenon.

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