About The Author Rubén González is a four-time Olympian, a professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. González competed in the men's luge from 1984 to 2010. Competing in four Winter Olympics, he holds the record for being the first athlete to participate in four different Winter Olympic games in four different decades.

Success is simple, but it’s not easy. One of the hardest parts of doing something special, great or unique — like building a business, creating a new product or exploring the far reaches of the world — is facing naysayers, those people whose goal is to stomp on other people’s dreams.

When I was 21 years old, I was a benchwarmer in my college soccer team. I had a lot of heart, but I was not very athletically gifted. In fact, I rarely played more than five minutes a game. Inspired by watching figure skater Scott Hamilton win the gold medal at the Sarajevo Olympics, I decided I would take up the sport of luge and set a goal to compete in the Calgary Olympics. By the way, I lived in hot and humid Houston, not exactly the winter sports capital of the world.

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