The day is not too far when your smartphones will tell you whether you are drunk or not, analyzing your walking patterns.

Recently, Brian Suffoletto from Stanford University in California, along with his colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania showed their interest regarding whether the accelerometers embedded within most smartphones can be used to analyze changes in the walking patterns of the people when they are drunk.

Brian Suffoletto, after researching on the matter confirmed that the powerful sensors that we are carrying around with our smartphones are technically capable enough to tell you if you are dunk and can thus be used to best serve public health. Only the thing is that we need to learn how to use them in this direction, Brian added.

Brian, with his colleagues, performed a trial with the participation of  22 adults whose age were between 21 and 43. As a part of the trial, the 22 adults were asked to drink mixed vodka drinks until their breath alcohol concentration reaches to .20 per cent. Every hour for seven hours afterwards, the participants were asked to walk ten steps forward and ten steps back in a straight line, attaching the provided smartphones to their lower backs.

Post the trial, researchers collected thedata from the smartphones and were successful in identifying the participants with breath alcohol concentration higher than 0.08 per cent. Brian said that they have achieved results with 90 per cent accuracy and added that with numerous future tests,everyone would soon see a new feature in their smartphones that can alert an individual who is drunk to avoid high-risk events including driving.

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