Apparently, the tech giant company, Apple is disappointed with a startup consisting of merely five employees for using a pear as a company logo. This comes as a shock since the five-employee startup, called Prepear, offers services that are nowhere similar to what Apple offers.

With this idea, Apple has filed a lawsuit against Prepear that people might get confused with the pear brand symbol which, according to Apple, is similar to their popular brand logo. Russell Monson, who is the founder of Prepear, has turned to social networking sites to ask help from people in the form of petition signs on

This way, they wish to raise funds to battle against Apple. In the petition, Monson writes about how it is unfair that Apple opposes a small business with a brand logo which is nowhere similar to what the brand logo of Apple is.

Not just Prepear, but Apple has earlier opposed several other small-scale companies who came up with a fruit logo for their company brand. Many such companies sadly had to abandon or change their brand logos due to this since such small businesses could not afford the several thousand dollars which would be required to fight Apple in such a lawsuit.

Monson also specifies that he is taking this step to stand up against Apple to send a message to other similar big companies that there would be consequences when smaller businesses are bullied unnecessarily.

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