The #1 Way to Overcome a Fear

About The Author Carla Rieger an internationally known motivational speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator and executive performance coach for over 20 years. She is the CoFounder of MindStory Coaching Academy, an author of 6 books and 15 online learning programs.

Do you find yourself procrastinating?

Are you frustrated because you’re not getting the success you want?

If you have your own business, often procrastination is a symptom of a deeper issue. It can be about fear of failure. If you don’t succeed because you never properly tried, it’s less painful than if you put your heart and soul into it and THEN you fail. As a result, a subconscious part of you might be intentionally sabotaging your forward movement in order to protect you from that pain.

  1. Most people have an inner committee of voices with various roles, somewhat like the management team of a company. For example, you might have:
  2. The CEO with the vision to succeed.
  3. PUBLIC RELATIONS who ensures you have a good image and reputation in the world.
  4. The AUDITOR whose job is quality control.
  5. SECURITY who’s job it is to keep you safe.

If the CEO’s vision puts you at risk for failure, which could lead to a loss of self esteem, then SECURITY might block your success. Make sense?

It’s very challenging to change this kind of self sabotage at the conscious level. You need to change it at the subconscious level where these archetypal voices reside. Usually, people fear failure in an area where they made a mistake in the past and suffered negative consequences. Then they are afraid to try again. Often, the way to transform that fear is to go back to that incident, with a wiser perspective, and a more forgiving heart, and free yourself up from the bonds of that fear.

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You can do that:

  1. On your own through your imagination and intention, which is far more powerful than most people believe.
  2. Through journalling and automatic writing.
  3. Through listening to a guided meditation that prompts your imagination to go back in time and re-educate SECURITY.

The idea here is to stop SECURITY from sabotaging your progress by exploring an outcome that ensures your safety while also allowing your goals and visions to come to fruition.

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