In a world where ‘contact-less’ is the new buzzword, the decades-old technology of QR codes has been making an unexpected comeback. Instagram too joined the party as it recently launched QR codes that allow users to open Instagram profiles by scanning the codes through any camera app.

Invented in Japan in the 1990s, these “Quick Response” (QR) codes are scannable 2D codes that direct users to open a link, download apps, visit social media profiles, or play any media.

Even though QR codes became hugely popular in China thanks to its usage in WeChat payments, they never really took off in the US and Europe except as marketing and advertising tools.

But increasing concerns about the spread of the novel Coronavirus have turned people and businesses to touch-free transactions in a big way.

Restaurants are replacing menus with QR codes, allowing customers to place orders without having to interact with waiters. Countries like China, Greece, Singapore have also been using QR codes to screen travellers coming from Covid-19 red zones.

Enabling people to interact with the world while touching only their smartphones, the QR code is finally having its moment.

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