About The Author Dan Coughlin is an executive coach, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and strategic guide. He helps business executives increase their effectiveness and significance in the areas of management, leadership, and teamwork. He is the co-author of the book, The Any Person Mindset: Be Accountable to the Difference You Can Make. He has provided more than 4,000 Executive Coaching sessions to more than 250 business leaders.

Success is important. Success is worth pursuing.

Career success is often measured by title, authority, recognition, and income.

Presidents are seen as more successful than vice-presidents. Being in charge of 100 people is seen as more successful than being in charge of 10 people. Receiving a national award is seen as being more successful than recognition in your office. Making $250,000 a year is considered more successful than making $80,000 a year.

People invest an enormous amount of time and energy in working to be successful. It’s a good thing to be successful, to be seen as successful, and to have the resources to do what you want in your life for yourself and other people.

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