Sports is the new one of the most sought after career for the present generation. With the kind of support available to the sportspersons in the present scenario be it economic support from the government or the training facilities from the sports authorities and psychological strength from family and fans, sportsmen are motivated to reach the goals beyond their capabilities.

Let’s have a look at the sports stars and their records that are not beaten till date and what kept them going.

  • Michael Fred Phelps is a retired swimmer from America. Age wise it seems inappropriate for him to retire but career record wise he has a feat to his credit which more than multiple generations put together can ever desire to clinch. The most adorned Olympian of all times, Michael Phelps managed to clinch 28 medals in swimming. What kept Phelps going is further more interesting. He is a man of few words and never believed in trash talking. Rather, he used competition to fuel himself and get prepared to win the retaining complete focus on his preparation.
  • Usain Bolt, the Jamaican track star, is known to the fastest runner on the planet. That’s a lot to say. With a record breaking speed of running 100 meters in a mere 9.58 seconds he deserves to be considered what he called today, Lightening Bolt. It is said that he is the only sprinter capable of breaking his own records as the records he sets are humanly impossible to be broken. His fierce dedication and a strong will to win keeps him motivated to stay atop.
  • The legendary cyclist and cancer survivor, Lace Armstrong is considered to be the most inspirational athlete of decades. He won seven Tour De France race in a row, a feat that’s almost next to impossible to achieve. Use of performance enhancement drugs made him lose all that he had achieved throughout his career.
  • Edson Arantes also known as Pele is the retired Brazilian footballer. Christened as the Athlete of the century by Reuters he has a record of 1281 overall goals. He is regarded as the greatest players of all time. He was born with immense talent that helped him ace the game and his further interest to nurture his talent thoroughly made him a hero in the world of soccer.
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricketer, has a record of closing most of his matches with a six. Nine being the highest that was ever achieved by a cricketer in one day international cricket. His belief to love what he does makes him mark new milestones each time he plays.
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Whatever the record is in whichever the sport it belonged to, the prime factor that kept almost all the record breakers going was immense dedication and hunger to win and just not to survive the fight but to rule it like never before.

The quest for perfection and the discipline required to attain it are the key factors in the race. As Usain Bolt puts it, everyone starts good but he is the best finisher. Understanding the spirit of the sport and not letting any negativity ruin it while facing the challenges takes a sportsperson along way towards win. This is what is depicted by all the great sportsmen noted above.

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