Social media has brought many voices together during the lockdown phase. Twitter especially has seeing a record number of users signing up during the last couple of months. ‘Given a limit of 140 characters, people consistently reaffirm that creativity is a renewable resource’, said Biz Stone, Editor of The Biz Stone Collection.

While the trending hashtags on Twitter indicate what news and events aredevelopingacross the globe, brands are leveraging the understanding of Twitter algorithm to promote their products and services. Not to mention how the political mood of the country swings by the action on this online platform.

After the new reply-limiting feature introduced last month,Twitter is now preparing to introduce translation feature for its users. With this new feature, all the tweets in will be automatically translated to the default language set by the user. This feature is currently in the testing phase for Android and iOS apps in Brazil and will soon be expanded to other countries, based on its performance.

This will be the next feature addition for Twitter users after the ‘Retweet with comment’ feature which will allow Android and Web usersto see how many people retweeted the tweet with a comment.

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