Elon Musk’s latest achievementin artificial intelligence (AI) is a coin-sized chip,Neuralink,which could be implanted in human skull and can potentially cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Referred as “a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires” by Musk, Neuralink is a tiny device which will link human brain to a computer with the objective of finding a cure to severe ailments like memory loss, hearing loss, blindness, paralysis, depression, insomnia, strokes, brain damage, addiction, etc.

Last week, Elon successfully presented a demo of this tiny deviceimplanted in a pig, where he was tracking his brain waves as a reaction to physical activity. Heassured that Neuralink willsoon be ready for the first human implantation as an approval from US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is already in place.Theprocedure of implantationis speedy,and the device can easily be removed.

Musk claims that the device could eventually equip human beings with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. While clarifying the data security concerns, he highlighted that all neural data would be encrypted, and the device will be gird against hackers.

So, will the ‘Black Mirror’ episodes on Netflix become a reality? Only time will tell.

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