All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the professional wrestling promotion,has been in a ratings war with NXT in recent times. AEW has been pulling as many as a million live viewers whereas NXT gets 600,000 viewers per episode.

NXT is the third brand of WWE, the American entertainment company known for professional wrestling. Founded in 2019 by Tony Khan, AEW has been known to give its wrestlers more creative freedom than other promotions and is gaining popularity as a good alternative to the biggest pro-wrestling promotion WWE.

AEW has a blend of established talents from other promotionsalong with homegrown talent and has capitalized on the free agent market by signing a lot of ex-WWE stars.These stars attract a lot of casual viewers who may tune in to watch wrestlers that they are familiar with.

AEW has also signed free agents like Eddie Kingston, who delivered a remarkableperformance in a recent AEW Dynamite match. If AEW maintains the paceand doesn’t fall into the trap of relying on released talent from other promotions, it might even go toe to toe with WWE’s main roster brands Raw or Smackdown soon.

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