The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has proposed a code of conduct (legislation) that would mandate Facebook and Google to pay media publishers for the news content that appears on their sites.This legislationisguarding theInterest ofmedia publishers who are struggling with the collapse of traditional media and conglomeratesas a result ofthe booming online ad businesses.

If the Australian parliament passes the legislation, Facebook may block its users from sharing news content on Facebook and Instagram and Google plans toimpose restrictions on the use ofGoogle Search function andstreaming free YouTube videos. However, the limitations imposed by Facebook will neitheraffect the sharing of personal content in the family and friends’network, nor will sharing of news by Facebook users outside of Australia will get impacted.

As of now, this legislation isapplicablefor Facebook and Google only,however,could extend to other social platforms in future.With this move,it is clear the Australian regulators want Google and Facebook to provide services to the Australian community, but definitely on their terms.

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